I'm passionate about creating design that looks great and works well.


I collaborate well in a team environment and always welcome criticism.


I've turned lemons into lemonade in a number of sticky situations.


I am detail-oriented down to the last pixel.



Arizona State University

Master of Science (Technology)
Graphic Information Technology
Tempe, Arizona
2014 - 2015

Bachelor of Science
Graphic Information Technology
Tempe, Arizona
2012 - 2014

Graphic Information Technology (GIT) at ASU combines many creative fields into one program to include desktop publishing, photography and web design. I have developed a creative, technological and managerial understanding of these areas through the GIT program. Being able to plan, create, evaluate, organize and disseminate visual information to a variety of audiences is a valuable and much-needed skill. My focus area in GIT was print and digital publishing, with a minor in technical writing.

I was the student representative for Adobe's Partners By Design program. In this role, I assisted in organizing events related to Adobe products including tutorials and Bēhance portfolio reviews. I also encouraged students to submit their work to the Adobe Design Awards and wrote for the Adobe Showcase blog about events at ASU.

I was the assistant creative lead during the production of the first iPad app for the Graphic Information Technology program that was built using Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite.

I completed a masters degree in Graphic Information Technology in December 2015. This degree added on to everything I learned as an undergraduate while supplementing elements from management and business courses.

Professional Development




Multimedia Graphic Designer

2017 - Present

Phoenix, Arizona

I design print and digital sales collateral for company partners & executives to sell and expand the nationally-syndicated viral video television show RightThisMinute. This collateral includes one-sheets, presentation decks, postcards and more. I work with a team to develop advertising campaigns that includes banner advertisements and landing pages. I develop motion designs for use between show segments. I built and maintain the affiliate website that contains my designed marketing collateral, company logos & communication guides, "what's new" and company update blogs and more. I also work with a team to create promotional items including t-shirts, hats, bags, thumb drives, USB powerbanks and more for employees and affiliates.


Please contact me directly for examples of sales collateral I have designed for RightThisMinute due to the proprietary nature of this material.

I work with clients to develop communication materials that encompass branding and identity, brochures, business cards, flyers, presentations, posters and websites. I create materials for small and large clients.

Select clients include:

I also developed early visual identity for an independent movie called Stand (2014), which included logos, promotional teaser posters and teaser stills.


Graphic Designer

2012 - Present

Phoenix, Arizona

Mayo clinic

Graphic Design Intern

September 2014 - April 2015

Scottsdale, Arizona

I developed scientific posters, flyers, brochures and other marketing collateral for medical professionals within the scope of Mayo Clinic branding guidelines and used Virtual Ticket software for scheduling and tracking of these projects.



Telford aviation

Flight Engineer

2009 - 2011

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Stuttgart, Germany

I maintained and traveled with government aircraft supporting military missions across Africa and Western Europe in this position. This role required me to perform incredibly complex inspections before, after and during flight to uphold safety and military readiness.

When an issue arose at home base or in another location, I worked with my team to resolve it as quickly and as safely as possible. I had to think quickly and efficiently, often in third world locations, to solve issues related to aircraft maintenance and documentation. This required an incredible amount of patience and concentration.

arinc direct

Aircraft Mechanic

Sheet Metal Apprentice

2007 - 2009

Scottsdale, Arizona

This position required me to work often in team settings to accomplish various service inspections on private corporate jets to include Piaggo, Cessna, Gulfstream, Falcon, Hawker and King Air. I maintained FAA regulated documentation for each aircraft that required an extreme attention to detail. I also was trained to work with and create sheet metal to repair various areas and parts on different aircraft.


united states air force

Bomber Crew Chief

2003 - 2007

Bossier City, Louisiana

I was privileged to spend four years of my life as an active duty enlisted Airman. During this time I performed maintenance actions on B-52H bomber aircraft. I worked with a team to maintain over 23 aircraft used for training and real-world situations. This included launching and catching the aircraft on their daily missions, performing highly-detailed and precise inspections on each system and maintaining maintenance records and documentation with the utmost of detail.

Over the course of my enlistment I had trained 10 new Airmen to follow in my path.

Rodriguez & Romero Architects

Drafting Assistant

2000 - 2003

Santa Fe, New Mexico

As a drafting assistant, I worked with Vectorworks software to aid the lead architects with drafting blueprints for commercial and residential projects. I also created 3D models of the projects using this software.